“Death, where is your victory, where is your sting?”

Father, I thank you that we have everything to live for! “Death, where is your victory, where is your sting?”  We will be reunited again with Joseph for all of eternity.  We will have all of eternity to live, laugh, and share stories.  Joseph’s purpose on this earth was fulfilled and this I know because we prayed and believed for him to be healed on this earth along with thousands. And God, in His Soverignty, allowed him to come home…to his “real” home, as Joseph would have said!

We will reminisce about the times that we shared with Joseph and even cry about the memories that have come and gone, but we have HOPE and something to look forward to!  This life is short and is not forever.  Eternity is forever and it will be adventurous and invigorating!  We will eat, laugh, and share stories and adventures, but not tears or regrets! We will live to the fullest of how God originally intended for us to live before sin entered the world in the Garden!

Joseph now joins the, “great cloud of witnesses” that looks to us and cheers us on!  I want to fulfill my destiny, just as Joseph fulfilled his!  He is ruling and reigning with Jesus even now fulfilling ALL that he was created to be!  Joseph didn’t miss out on this life!  He brought many of you and your children closer to Jesus, he prompted your love for people again, he helped overcome your own fears, and who knows what else?

I want to live the rest of my earthly days to make Jesus and also Joseph proud!  Joseph doesn’t want me struggling to get out of bed or angry and questioning God’s goodness.  He doesn’t want me “giving-up” on life and shrinking back in fear.  “Death, where is your victory, where is your sting.”  We will celebrate together forever in eternity!  We will make up for lost time.  We have EVERYTHING to live for today!  Josiah has a bright future!  Jon and I have a bright future!  Joseph is in that “cloud of witnesses” saying, “Come on, Keep going…Don’t cry for me!  I am fulfilled.  I am happy.  I am home and look forward to sharing this home with you for eternity!  Finish your course, Momma!  You can do it!  We will be together forever so there is hope and excitement for the future”

Written on December 20, 2011, nine days after Joseph went to heaven.

Joseph Austin Scott

August 6, 2007 – December 11, 2011


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