Graduated to Heaven

Joseph at 4 yr. Mother’s Day Out class!

I am waiting to attend, what would have been Joseph’s 4 year old graduation from the Mother’s Day Out Program that he attended since he was one year old.  Today the children are going to sing a song in honor of Joseph.  He was fortunately able to attend a couple of weeks of his school year, but in those few weeks the kids fell in love with Joseph and they made him feel like a normal kid.  He went to class, with his mom tagging along to reset his backpack of IV fluids that was attached to him, to smiles and hugs.  I would disconnect his backpack at certain times so that he could run around freely and chase a little girl named, Aleiah, then hold her hand. Joseph was privileged to go to school for that brief time which allowed us to somewhat feel like a normal family with a healthy child.

So today, as the class that Joseph was supposed to be in, graduates and moves on to kindergarten, Joseph will be remembered with a song that he loved to sing around the house and at school.  The children will sing this song in honor of him:

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty

There’s nothing my God cannot do

The mountains are His, The Rivers are His

The stars are his handiwork too

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty

There’s nothing my God cannot do

Joseph won’t be on stage singing that song with his classmates today, but will be singing a similar song face-to-face with that Great God so big!

He has graduated to Heaven!  He has graduated to something better than kindergarten!  He has graduated to everything that he was ever meant to be!

So today, I am sure that I will “cry a river” when I hear that song, but the deepest part of my heart will rest in the fact that Joseph is in the best place that there could ever be!

Happy Graduation Day Joseph!


2 thoughts on “Graduated to Heaven

  1. I only knew Joseph through my sister Carol Madden. She loved him so much! Thank you for sharing your story and the picture. You are an inspiration for all.

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