The Stillness Of Night

Father, I sit up late with you –  no sounds, no interruptions, and no pressures.  I can finally hear your quiet, gentle voice that has been eager to communicate to me.  I can now hear what you have been trying to tell me for weeks, and even months, but have been prevented because of the clamor of my busy soul.  It takes slamming out all of the roaring noises that this world screams.

Ah, the stillness of night, where the real me is unearthed in You and You alone.  This is who I really am; My Spirit alive in You.  I was made for relationship with you…to know you and to be known at the deepest core by You.

I was made to share my heart, fears, dreams, and desires with you.  I was intended to reflect your image to a God-rejecting, broken world.  A world that craves pleasure more than You.  The fullness of the purest pleasure is found only in You and by You.

I know this because I have looked to other forms of comfort and pleasure to satisfy me, and it does for a temporal period, but it is not enough.  It isn’t enough to satiate that crevice of my being that was created for You.  I keep trying, but it leads to nowhere, but ugly consequences of my efforts.

You are the greatest delight.  You are the truest of all treasures and You offer this “treasure”, this encounter, to anyone who will seek; To anyone who will stop long enough to acknowledge You.

You wait, because I am your greatest delight as well.  You created me for relationship.  You created me to love me.  So tonight, in the stillness of the night, I wait for You.  I am excited to see what You have to say.  I wait for You to come into the canyons of my heart, even the one’s that are shut-off from entry by others and even myself.  You have so much to say, all of the answers, and treasure to reveal to me in the stillness of this night.


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