Life is Just Messy!

We got home a few days ago after evacuating for hurricane Issac to people gutting their homes just miles from our neighborhood.  Our little town of Madisonville, LA was severely flooded.  It was heartbreaking to see people’s homes, memories, and treasures trashed and thrown in to a pile by the street.  There are some things that insurance just can’t replace.

I was thinking about all of the uncertainties of life and how messy life can be.  I am a very orderly person and I thrive on order and cleanliness.  When things are out-of-order it makes me unnerved. I like peace, simplicity, and predictability, but sometimes life is just not like that.  You get sudden notice that a storm is heading your way and you have to pack up your things and leave.

Other “storms” of life can hit you unexpectedly too.  The diagnosis, the job layoff, the spouse that is leaving…  Life is just messy and unpredictable so I am thankful that I don’t have to put my trust in my “stuff”.  I can put my full trust in God alone, who through any storm has a plan.  He has a restoration plan already in mind that is bigger and better than all of my plans.  I thank you God that your arms are strong and that you know what to do!

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1  (He is present indeed.)


3 thoughts on “Life is Just Messy!

  1. Life can definitely throw us curve balls when all we wanted was a straight, predictable shot! Thank God that Psalms 46:1 is The Truth! and…. thanks for sharing.

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