My Tribute to Summer 2014

Joy and Joseph LaughingSummer officially begins on June 21st, but down here in the deep south the stickiness of summer has long  begun.

School is over and the days are long.

Whether you are a mom at home with energetic toddlers, kids, and teenagers or a mom juggling a work schedule while planning childcare and activities, summer time can be taxing.

Even though homework stops and racing after school activities slow, summers are just HOT!

Here is my tribute to summer time this year from a mom who longs that the eldest of her trio of boys were here to share it with.

Live this summer with your kids like it is the last.

Slow down. Make memories and messes.

Gaze at the clouds.

Help someone else’s load be lighter.

Get dirty.

Let’s not be uptight.

Can we laugh? I mean really laugh hard.  Fake it if you need to.  But also give yourself freedom to cry.

After all moms, what will they remember?

They will remember your teeth gleaming with a smile on your unmade-up face.

They will remember if you were happy. So…let’s be happy!

This is the only summer from fourth to fifth grade, or two years to three years, or maybe one last high school summer.

Make memories in the messy moments.

This is my aspiration and tribute to the summer of 2014

Will you join me?

Can you share some ideas with me?



4 thoughts on “My Tribute to Summer 2014

  1. Stay in your pajamas all day. Play x-box or on their tablet with them. Hug them, hold them, let them brush your hair and do your make up. Let them wash the cars and spray each other and you. Be thankful for the boring days while sitting at home and not in a hospital.

  2. Play with them. I mean, really play with them. Get on the floor next to him and play with those little Army men together. Or sit with her and pick a coloring page to color together. And put it on the fridge. Make fun memories for them of a mom who likes to play with her children. 🙂

  3. Love this post!! I definitely get uptight way too often. So after reading your post, Joy, my boys come bouncing in yelling, “mom, the ditches have flooded!! Can we go swim in them?” I say with a smile, “Yes!! (small hesitation) wait a minute I’m coming with you.” Big smiles and screams of delight could be heard for miles!!!

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