What’s Naming You?

One of the greatest joys of being a mother is naming your child. There is massive power entrusted to us by our Creator when we name that little one we hold in our arms. Countless times we will call that name…as they crawl across the floor…as they learn to ride their bike…as they walk down the aisle.
We often think about naming things but what is naming us? We all carry a name given to us by our own parents. We may carry the name betrothed to us as we stood at the wedding altar. But we also carry other names – mommy, sis, wife. Yet there are other names that can tag us along the road of life if we are not careful – wounded, useless, bitter, tired, and pained. Pain, what a name!

Perhaps you found yourself wading through the ashes of a relationship that went up in flames. Maybe you have shaken your fists at God more than once indicting Him for allowing the pain of abuse to mark your childhood. Or, life just has not turned out as you imagined and you are just plain angry. Pain wants sink into the very fiber of your being and permeate the deepest, darkest places of your soul. Pain would try to name you.

Pain has stormed the stage of my life multiple times. First, in the form of an abusive, controlling marriage. Then, not a decade later, in the form of a casket lowering my four-year-old son to his grave after a fierce battle with brain cancer.
Unstoppable tombstone
Pain tried to name me. Ugly. Unwanted. Rejected. Forgotten.

You and I have a choice. We can let our pain or our healing name us.

Pain is inevitable. Jesus makes that clear to us in John 16:33: “In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” The question is not whether we will encounter pain; it’s part of the world we live in. The question is whether we will allow pain or our healing to name us.

That inner voice on the inside of you – what are you going to allow it to say to you? “You’re a mess!” or, “You’re a masterpiece!” “You’re a piece of junk!” or, “You’re worth more than gold.”

Eventually, you will come to the place where either your pain or your healing will define you. God gives us time to grieve, mourn, and process our pain. Yet at some point, we will have to make a decision; grovel in our pain or heal. The fruit of a life marked by pain is anger, bitterness, mistrust, fear, self-protection, insecurity, and hesitation. The fruit of a healed heart is love, hope, strength to help others, and freedom. God wrote to His love, the Hebrew people, and He writes to you today in Isaiah 62:4: Never again will you be called “The Forsaken City” or “The Desolate Land.” Your new name will be “The City of God’s Delight” and “The Bride of God,” for the LORD delights in you and will claim you as his bride.

We will all experience loss and pain in this life. My question to you today is: What will name you – your pain or your healing? Allow God to give you His new name for you.

Joy Scott is an inspiring and authentic author, certified teacher, and passionate speaker. But her greatest joy is found in being a loving – and patient – wife to her energetic husband, Jonathan, and devoted mom to her lively boys. Together Joy and Jon began Joseph’s Joy, (www.josephsjoy.org), a non-profit organization designed to offer hope and help to children and their families battling life-threatening illnesses locally and around the world.

You can get your copy of Joy’s book, Joseph’s Joy: Living With Unstoppable Hope on http://www.amazon.com. To book Joy for a speaking event inquire at http://www.joyscott.me.


Joseph’s Joy Book Release

Josephs-Joy-Book-Cover-06Well guys…it’s almost here!  Jon and I have a date for the release of Joseph’s Joy: Living With Unstoppable Hope. Drum role please. May 4, 2015.  I exhale with a sigh of relief while my heart simultaneously explodes with joy.

I began writing Joseph’s Joy  in the months following Joseph’s death just over three years ago.  My intention for writing about the events that took place throughout the course of Joseph’s battle was simply to share about the goodness of God to us – even in the midst of this tragedy.  God never left us.  He was so near and good. My primary motivation was that I wanted Joseph’s younger brother, Josiah, to know the truth about what happened since he was only three years old when Joseph passed away.  The boys were the best of friends and only fourteen months apart. I wanted to be able to explain things to him later.  Not wanting to forget the details myself, I also wanted Josiah to know about all of the miracles we encountered along the way. So…I started writing one tearful sentence at at time.

As I recalled everything that happened and put words to our experiences, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to my heart, “This is not just for you.” Intrinsically I knew that our story was meant to be shared.  As a complete novice in writing a book, I transformed my journal writings into chapter titles. One chapter at a time our story came to life! A real-life story that brings unstoppable hope.  God truly directed my every word and I am humbled at the powerful message of this book – which has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with how loving God is.

I would like to personally invite you on an intimate journey!

We will be selling Joseph’s Joy: Living With Unstoppable Hope on Amazon.com in kindle and paperback versions in May. ALL proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit our non-profit charity also called, Joseph’s Joy, where we provide hope and financial help to children battling life-threatening illnesses. (Please like our fb page if you have not already.)

How many of you know that you are supposed to write your story? Please share with me.

If I can do it, you can too!

Love,  Joy

Has your life been interrupted lately?

Fire at 500 Serenity
The thermostat in the hallway with Fire Dept.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. In my last bold post, I confidently declared my blissful expectations of Summer 2014. {Check out my comical last post, My Tribute to Summer.} Boldly, I confessed how I was going to live in the moment and have a memorable summer with my family. Well… my life, my plans, my summer got interrupted. My lofty plans for the best summer yet were rudely interrupted by a minor but messy house fire! The A/C thermostat randomly caught on fire. After the first day of Vacation Bible School, the boys and I returned home to a house filled with black smoke. The fire department even got to pay us a visit. The fire caused some damage to the floor and walls immediately surrounding the fire – however, the smoke permeated the entire house. The burning plastic thermostat was immediately underneath the A/C intake and smoke went throughout every square inch of the house. Every inch of fabric in our home – including our clothing, furniture, and drapes – had to be confiscated to the dry cleaners for eight weeks. Every single item in our home also had to be sanitized and wiped down. We ended up not being able to properly live in our house for eight weeks during the clean-up and renovation. The A/C and ducts were replaced, all the walls and baseboards completely repainted, and over a thousand square feet of wood floors were ripped out and replaced – all the while, a busy, one-year old was getting into everything. My plan was to have a blast of a summer while the reality quickly became navigating insurance companies, contractors, and being displaced from our home. All this craziness left me edgy… well, a little mean at times!

Has your life recently been interrupted?

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had just moved into the house at the end of March 2014.  We bought a house that sat empty for a year then quickly renovated it ourselves before moving in. (So we had just painted it a few months prior before repainting it again.) Are you feeling my pain now? We gratefully got the house back together just days before Josiah started kindergarten. Whew!

4 wheeler pic
Making the most of not being able to go home – Fun in Poplarville, MS

Since August, the time lost was redeemed as we changed the name of our non-profit from Hope 4 Joseph to Joseph’s Joy along with launching the new updated website. We finished creating the bylaws and articles for Joseph’s Joy along with officially obtaining our 501 (c)(3) status. YAY! In addition to all of this, we completed our book which is called, Joseph’s Joy: Living with Unstoppable Hope. (My next blog will have more information.)

So… where did 2014 go?  It flew by! It has not been an easy year, but it has definitely been a productive one! Once again, it has been confirmed that God truly does work out all things for my good, even when it does not feel good. I decided to make the most of my failed summer and enjoy it anyway. Living in the moment, was a skill that I tried to exercise. Only living one day at a time helped me from being overwhelmed by it all.

Have you ever felt  frustrated when plans did not go your way, then later looked back to see that it was a blessing in disguise?

 Every time I mop my new wood floors, I think of just how great a blessing it turned out to be.

May you ponder this verse today:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Don’t switch the cards

I just want to give you a short reminder today of the truth.

The enemy wants to TAKE YOU OUT.  God wants to TAKE YOU OVER.

joy-wendi-maryrThe enemy wants to BIND YOU UP.  God wants to SET YOU FREE.

The enemy wants to TAKE AWAY FROM YOU.  God wants to GIVE TO YOU.

The enemy wants to MAKE YOU DOUBT GOD’S LOVE AND GOODNESS.  God wants you to experience HIM.

The enemy wants to MAKE YOU BITTER.  God wants you to be PURE and FORGIVING TOWARDS OTHERS.

The enemy wants to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY YOUR LIFE.  God wants you to LIVE ABUNDANTLY, OVERCOME, and OVER-FLOW.

John 10:10

Just a reminder…Don’t switch the cards.  The battlefield is in the mind.

Choose what you will allow to win today!


Unstoppable tombstone

It is official.

 Joseph’s tombstone has been permanently sealed upon the ground where his little, earthly body is decaying.  Sadly, it is the cold, hard fact; his body is withering away under the earth, while his spirit in heaven lives on adorned by his new glorified body.  His mere frame of flesh is obsolete and he is soaring with the angels in his forever prime.  The abundant life that Jesus promised is Joseph’s now.

The single word on Joseph’s tombstone is: UNSTOPPABLE.  One word that had to describe his entire life; a potent word.  A word that speaks of moving forward and is ongoing.  UNSTOPPABLE…a word that I want to encapsulate my life as well.

It’s still so surreal to gaze upon this tombstone and swallow that my first-born son is really in the grave. I have to ask myself, “Is this really my life? Did this really happen to me?”  As tears roll down my cheeks, a few words resonate in my spirit: GRACE, PEACE, and JOY.  Yes, joy, in some strange way.  After momentary sadness floods, joy prevails.  There is a deep joy knowing that my son is with his true Father.  It’s an uncanny joy that he will never have to suffer in this life and that he is home.

There really is a PEACE that I can’t explain.  I’m really not that strong.  I actually am an emotional person by nature so why is it that I feel OK with this?  Why shouldn’t I be a wreck everyday?

All that I can say is that this GRACE is REAL!  I can’t logically explain it.   In the natural I shouldn’t be OK with this.  I can’t FAKE this or PRETEND to be strong.  GRACE soothes my soul and rocks me like a baby when memory upon memory fall like an avalanche through my mind.  It soothes me when I try to figure out why MY SON got cancer.  The questions come: “Was it something I ate, did, smelled, etc? Was is something spiritually that I didn’t cast down? What if I would have caught it earlier?” Then, I feel his strong, loving hand push my head to his chest and say, “STOP!  I’ve got him and I’ve got you.  I love you like no other.”

He assures me that He will keep me, cover me, and lead me.  His nearness alone can still me!  One word from Him.  One touch in his presence where I can draw close to him and suffocate the noises of this life.  HE IS ENOUGH! His grace soothes the pain.

This closeness to a gentle, but yet powerful God makes me UNSTOPPABLE, not MY strength, will-power, or discipline to pick myself up by my boot straps and press, press, press to drown it all out; to hide under a facade of busyness.

No, I am an overcomer and am UNSTOPPABLE for one reason:

My nearness to Him and His nearness to me!  I have relationship with the Father because of Jesus!

I am not this strong. I am held by His love in a relationship with the only one who can water my soul.  He is the only thing that satisfies.

Is your soul satisfied by Him?

Are you UNSTOPPABLE?  You can be with Jesus!

Josiah living an UNSTOPPABLE Life!
Josiah living an UNSTOPPABLE Life!

First and Last Breaths

Joshua with Joseph's Lovey
Joshua with Joseph’s Lovey

I would like to introduce to you, Joshua Asher Scott!

Joshua was born on April 10, 2013; a robust 8 lb 6 oz with a striking head full of hair.

As I walked myself down the stoic hallway of the hospital into the frigid operating room for my scheduled cesarean section, I was experiencing a surreal moment.  I chanted in my mind, “Am I really about to have another baby?”  The pregnancy flew by (believe it or not) and I was about to do this newborn thing all over again.  As I cautiously entered the operating room for my third c-section, I was more frightful because I knew exactly what was about to happen.  You see, my motto now with giving birth is, “NO PAIN, NO PAIN”!  I wanted to clearly direct the anesthesiologist about how to do his job to make sure that my spinal had no flaws.

There we went.  Spinal inserted…legs hot and tingly…wide awake…within minutes surgery had begun and merely minutes afterwards, my Joshua Asher took his first breath.  The nurses snugged the curtain down so that I could look at him.  My first thought was, “He is smaller than my other boys.”  He was so tight, compact, and strong.  Then I heard his sweet cry; the moment that he communicated with me for the first time verbally.  Forever connected with a bond that only a mother and a child can have.

Joshua was born in the same hospital that my first-born son, Joseph was born in and also died in at 4 years, 4 months of age.  Joseph took his FIRST breath in that hospital and also his LAST breath there.  I facilitated him coming into this world and also him leaving this world to enter his eternal heavenly home.

I have been thinking about first and last breaths.  First breaths only happen once.  Last breaths also only happen once.  It is all of the breaths in between that compile our life.  As I sit here right now and listen to Joshua’s non-rhythmic breaths, I am intrigued to know how many actual breaths a person breaths in his or her lifetime.  Millions…Billions…Trillions?

I can’t control the first breath nor can I can control the last breath that I breath, but I can choose to FULLY LIVE with the breaths in between.  I can embrace the future and the unknown with grace, hope, and love knowing that life truly is a GIFT!  It is our moment in time to impact the world; to impact others eternally.

I love the picture of Joshua with Joseph’s lovey because it is a symbol of new life and life no longer on this earth.  It reminds me that life is fleeting and is a vapor. It reminds me to ENJOY the life that I have TODAY.

Life does move on and we DO keep breathing breaths.  It is our choice as to how we want to spend those breaths.

A Forever Family of 5
A Forever Family of 5

I would like to encourage you today to breathe your breaths with hope and purpose!  You are loved and are here with a role that only you can fulfill.  Choose to LIVE your LIFE FULLY and EMBRACE your God-given PURPOSE!

What Will Define You – Your Pain or Your Purpose?

What in your life has caused excruciating pain…pain to the point of shutting down or refusing to trust in that area again?  Maybe, it’s a failed relationship and you have internally decided to never really trust again, so you keep your painful place guarded.  Maybe, it’s abuse from your childhood that you had no control over and you have secretly assumed that God isn’t good.  You internally say, “If he was good, why would he have allowed this to happen to me?”  Or, maybe life hasn’t turned out as you planned and deep down you’re just plain mad .  In my case, it’s the loss of my son eight months ago, and enduring an abusive marriage ten years ago when I thought that I had done everything right. In my life, I have come to learn a few things about facing pain.

Here are a few things that I have come to learn:

1.  God is so ridiculously good to me and HE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HURT ME!  His intentions for me are ALWAYS GOOD!  Pain comes into our life as a result of three things – our own selfish choices (aka sin), our fallen world, and our enemy. Our own sin, therefore the painful consequences of that sin (which, btw, God can work out for our ultimate good if we let him. Romans 8:28) Also, because we live in an imperfect, fallen world and sometimes, “stuff just happens!”  We live in a toxic world with free-will. And lastly, a direct attack from the enemy.  John 10:10  “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” The enemy HATES you, but God lavishly LOVES you!  Until we get to Heaven, we will endure some things, but Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33   He is for us, not against us!  He has a great plan for us to be with Him forever.  He also has promised us that He would NEVER leave us or forsake us.  Hebrews 13:5  God is the one that we should be running to, not stiffing!  He is ALWAYS GOOD!  He longs to hold us in the middle of our pain!  He has held me in the middle of all of my pain and anger and has brought me closer to Him.  Maybe today you are still angry and blaming God for your pain.  Dear friend, he is not your enemy.  He is your biggest fan and loves you more than anyone else.  He wants to hold you and love you through your pain!

2.  You can’t progress in life with unforgiveness in your heart!  I have been hurt, misunderstood, rejected, talked about, and have lost at many things.  I know that to have a healthy life that I have to have a forgiving heart toward those offenders and also towards God; He is not my enemy anyway!  Why is it our nature to make God our enemy?  Is it because we think that He could have stopped the painful situation?  Either way, we can’t harbor bitterness and resentment in our heart.  WE HAVE TO LET GO!  Now, forgiveness does not equate trust.  You can forgive someone, but not trust them or allow them to continue hurting you.  Your heart must be pure towards them though.  Here is a test:  Can you pray God’s goodness and blessing on that person who has hurt you?  If you can genuinely do that, then I think that your heart is pure!  If you want to fully live, you have to truly forgive! 

3.  Eventually, you will come to a place with your pain where THE PAIN or your HEALING will define you!  Healing results in renewed passion and purpose in your life.  The manifestations of a person who won’t let go of their pain is:  Anger, bitterness, lack of trust, fear, self protection, insecurity, and hesitation.  The manifestations of a healed heart is:  Love, letting go of the past, hope, strength to help others, and renewed purpose.  God doesn’t waste anything, but will weave our painful situations into our ministry and purpose!  God gives us time to grieve, mourn, and be human with our pain, but at some point, we will have to make a decision; a decision to heal or not to heal!

Most people have experienced deep pain in their lives. We are human and will experience loss in this life.  My question to you today is:  WHAT WILL DEFINE YOU?  What will be the marker of your life?  I hope to encourage you today to take God out of the “choke-hold” and let him love you!  His intentions for you are ALWAYS good!  You can trust him!

I look forward to the day, where I can experience no more tears and no more sorrows,  just as Joseph is experiencing now!  As Christians, we have that hope along with tremendous purpose for today!  Let’s run our race well!

My boys – one on earth and one in heaven!

Maintaining Purpose

Live Life Fully!

Tonight I am preparing to speak to some local teenagers about finding their purpose and decided that I would share some thoughts on the topic.  Purpose is what keeps us all getting out of bed in the morning and pushing on in spite of many obstacles and disappointments.  It is purpose that truly fulfills a human being’s life.  Without purpose, we are just like robots going through the motions of life; just doing what is needed to get by.  I can candidly tell you that I have felt like that robot many days, weeks, and even months at a time.

As I am compiling my information, stories, and examples, I am reminded of how desperately we ALL need to live this life with passion and purpose.   Every night when we lay our heads down, that day is irreversible.  We can’t go back and have a re-do.  Another day has passed with the opportunity to love, change, and impact someone’s life.  I believe that our purpose always has to do with the advancement of humanity and betterment of society.  I believe that our purpose is also meant to be eternally lasting.  I believe that we each were born “for such a time as this”.

Only I can do what I was created to do and reach those that I was intended to reach.  Only you can do what you were created to do and reach those you are intended to reach.  My precious friend, we only get one shot at this gift of life on earth, then we will be rewarded for what we did with the “talents” given to us.  Our natural, inborn aptitudes, passions, and personality are all clues to our God-given purpose.  God doesn’t make junk or mistakes!  When he created us, he was designing us to do what HE wanted. Even our trials, pain, and obstacles that we overcome are interwoven into that fabric of purpose in our lives.  We each reflect a deeply thought-out, hand-carved “masterpiece” exploding with our “one-of-a-kind” fingerprint to leave on this world.  It’s astounding to think that of all 7 billion people in the world, our fingerprint is individual and it can not be copied…so is our life!

So, what is keeping you from living life on purpose?  Is it fear?  Is it comparison?  Feeling inadequate?  Feeling tired and depressed?

I want to encourage us all (myself included) to step out and do bold things to impact the world; to embrace life fully.  I encourage you to smile, laugh, enjoy people and love them!  Remember, we only get one shot!

What Redemption Looks Like To Me

I prayed and vowed to wait for my husband since I was 14 yrs. old while vehemently running after God and His Plan for my life.  My high school and college years were filled with starting Bible clubs on my campuses and trying to love and honor God in every area of my life.

I graduated from college and began teaching school when I decided to get married at the age of 24.  I was peaceful and excited to marry someone involved in ministry because that too was my heart!  It wasn’t long before that excitement turned into the most intense pain of my life.  I found myself writing scriptures as punishment for different things that I did, along with having my clothes picked out for me everyday so that I wouldn’t be so “unattractive”.  I was told that I was Leah in the Bible and that Jacob really didn’t love Leah, but she made it to the end and so can you.  I was obsurdly encouraged, “You actually are blessed because Leah was in the direct lineage of Jesus.”  I can’t even believe that I was in the middle of this, but there was one thing that I wasn’t going to do and that was get divorced.  I was determined that I was going to pray, get counselling, and “patiently, put-up” with it until God broke through.  There were years of waking up crying and going to bed crying, pleading to God to change things.  Then, one day while on my lunch break from teaching, I was pouring out my heart to God and he clearly told me, “Joy, choose this day who you are going to serve? Me… or trying to save this marriage yourself?  I have a plan for you and I am going to restore back 10 times everything that you think you lost.”   What???  This didn’t make sense to me.  I knew what God said about divorce and I wasn’t going to do it! I also knew how God felt about abuse.  I had to make some decisions that were, as I percieved, shameful and embarrassing.  I kept wondering where I went wrong.  How did I miss it? I eventually had to accept the fact that people have a free-will.

My heart was shattered and broken, my dreams for my life seemed unrepairable.  I didn’t see or feel how God could ever use my life again with the big” D” stamped on my head. Ministering to others has always been the greatest joy of my heart.  God began to renew, rebuild and heal my heart.  God gave me courage again to believe in myself and His dreams for me no matter what I thought others thought of me.  I slowly began to get back involved in ministering to others again…this time out of my brokenness!  My brokenness kept me humble, delicate, and gentle with people.  It made me relatable to others’ pain, whatever it was. It also made me grateful that God had been so good to me!

You see, God redeemed my life and gave me Jon.  Jon waited his entire life to give himself away fully and God gave him to me!  God preserved him so that he could use him to love and redeem me!  Redeem, by definition, means to buy back or to take over ownership.  Jon is not perfect, but he has been nothing but love to me no matter what I look like or how crazy I act and I can surely act crazy!  Just as God has redeemed me before, he will continue to redeem my pain. He will redeem Joseph’s life and story!  He will redeem me again and again if I let him!  My redeemer lives, not just when I get to heaven, but here and now on this  broken earth with EVERYTHING that I go through!  He loves to bring beauty out of ashes and put a redemptive song in my mouth!  I don’t sing well, but I will sing it loud…the song of the redeemed!  He is working everything, and I mean everything, out for our good!  God never wastes our pain!  He is an expert redeemer!


Spring has come…

Holding Hands

As the flutters of pollen obliterate my van, outside furniture, and lungs, as I exhale sneezes, I am reminded of God, the creator of the universe and His need for change…for seasons.  The embarking upon spring invokes a variety of emotions, inspiring goals, and fresh perspectives that were unattended during winter.  As I reflect upon this past “winter” of my life, I am soulfully and spiritually “deep” these days with all of the pondering of our existence, why it is the way it is, and our place in it.


I crave more…more of God, more purpose, more simplicity.   Not more, in the sense of looking for something else to satisfy, but more, in the sense of embracing what I have been given.  The simpletons of seeing my sister’s newborn baby and being awestruck that his fingerprint is unlike any other.  Or the way the flowers know when they are supposed to bloom this time every year.  Observing the rhythm of every wave rolling onto shore innately knowing their boundary.  These are the reflections of a God, who wove the world into being just for me!  A sin-tainted world, which never was God’s original plan, but still His creation.  God’s desire was to walk with me in the cool of the day, in the sinless Garden.   His desire was to uninhibitedly speak to me face to face and lavish His love over me everyday.  His desires for me have always been good, they still are! 


As the free reign of choice was offered to our humanity, we couldn’t handle the beauty of all that we were given.  We wanted “more”!  More knowledge, more explanations, more than the simplicity of knowing God alone and enjoying his hand-carved creation and purpose for us!  We craved to be like Him!  The unexplained no’s and mysteries that we didn’t understand were driving us to find the answers.   And we are still driven by that desire today…to “know” and understand in the way that our creator, God does.  We, the created, just as a child, must accept the “unexplainable”!  As parents you would think that we would get this, but somehow, we still try to eat our dessert for dinner and get infuriated when we are told “no”!  We expect our children to just accept and trust our “no”, without questioning, but we do the exact same thing to God.  We have to have answers, instead of trusting His love and good intentions for us despite the things that we can’t explain or comprehend.  If we can’t figure it out, then we will make up some theology or “explanation” to make ourselves in control again…then, we are right back to the Garden days.


So, as I embrace this season of “spring” in my life, this season of good change…this season of “letting go” of the past and latching hold of a new adventure.  Rejecting my desire to be “God” and trusting Him as the One who has the purist of love and intentions for me.  I don’t have to understand everything or control it!  I was created to be loved and to walk with God.  I can only go so far on this sin-tainted earth, but God has already prepared a plan where he would redeem me and I will walk with Him face to face again, just as my Joseph is.  (Romans 8:17-21) His redeemed plan is even better than the Garden.  That plan is not only for me, but also for you!


There is a summons crying out for you…for you to let go of trying to be God and understand everything that hurts in your life.  We are supposed to share in the sufferings of Christ so that we may also share in His glory.  (Romans 8:17)  “Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as some strange thing happened to you, but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, then when His glory is revealed, you may be glad with exceeding joy.”  I Peter 4:12-13.  The Bible is clear to me that we will suffer on this earth and that is still after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We are not promised a pain-free existence, but are encouraged not to think it is strange.  Just maybe these sufferings prepare us to relish that glory even deeper and that we will be able to enjoy it all the more.

We are the created, not the creator.  Embrace that God is not the cause of your pain.  We are living in this fallen world and it is not our home.  We are passing through and are apart of God’s plan, a “bigger plan” that we can’t see or understand…YET!  We will understand!  We will have some answers!  Until then, I beckon you to trust.  Trust this God that I know is crazy about you…about us…the God who has carried me through the coldest of winters and has thrust me into the newness of spring-time.  “Winter has gone, but spring has come.”  We are the created, by the most loving, faithful, gracious creator.  We can trust him with the “unexplainable” and watch him use it in our lives here on this temporary earth.

Written on March 12, 2012