Joseph is changing lives in Uganda!

Precious Vincent from Uganda who is battling eye cancer

This is our new friend, Vincent!  We were introduced to Vincent by our dear friend, Jessica, who just recently went to Uganda to serve with International Voice of the Orphan. Vincent, who is battling eye cancer, was dropped off a couple of weeks prior to this picture by his well-meaning parents who could not afford to feed him or get him medical treatment to a 26 year-old woman named, Praise.  Praise, a native Ugandan, takes in children whose parents can’t afford to take care of them and gives them one, warm meal per day.  In addition to this, Praise, schools 96 children and offers them some hope in the poverty-stricken nation of Uganda.

Jessica met Praise and Vincent while serving at her home during her time with International Voice of the Orphan.  Jessica asked why Vincent just sat on the porch with flies swarming around him, while all of the other children were playing.  Praise informed Jessica of his condition so Jessica tried to play with him and offer him some crackers.  She finally coerced him to color with her and convinced him to eat his crackers. He decided to do so, privately around the back of the house.

Vincent hiding to eat his crackers

Jessica was determined to do what she could do to help this little boy get his medical treatments and help to better his life.  After returning from her trip, she remembered Vincent and also our non-profit, Hope4Joseph, that we started since the passing of our son, Joseph, this past December.  Hope4Joseph foundation exists to offer hope and help to children and their families facing life-threatening illnesses.  Vincent and Praise’s household definitely fit this criteria.

We are ECSTATIC and HONORED to share that Hope4Joseph is able to get Vincent his medical treatment and also to bless Praise’s household.  We always told Joseph that he was going to change the world and he definitely is!  Thank you to everyone who has given to Hope4Joseph!

Donations can be mailed to Hope4Joseph P.O. Box 354 Madisonville, LA 70447 if you are interested in partnering with us.  You can follow us on twitter and/or facebook to see how we are helping people everyday!


Jonathan and Joy Scott

The heroine, Praise, who lives to serve others


2 thoughts on “Joseph is changing lives in Uganda!

  1. Tears of joy as I read this amazing testimony! Yes…God is truly using your boy to touch and change lives!! And his loving parents as well. God is so good…in all things…♥ Love you guys! Thanks for sharing this!

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